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DIY Pop Up For Local & Organic Farmers



Together with:

Kira Becker/Iva Coskun/Luca Ganzert

Cooperation with:
Bio Bauernhof Scharf/Ökoherz Thüringen

Camera: Friedrich Gerlach



What do we actually eat and where does our food come from? Supply shortages, lack of harvest aid and questionable production conditions are bringing the issue of regional food back into the minds of consumers. 


Our project FUTURE LOCAL offers a platform for regional, organic producers to actively promote their products at the weekly market in the city. We use what is already there and create new potential from it. 


Eurocontainers, reimagined as borrowed components, form the foundation of the pop-up. Through constructive add-ons we intervene in the design and develop functional cooking modules for the preparation of a three-course menu.


Three times a day, eight guests are invited to experience the market and regional products from a new perspective and see how familiar ingredients are transformed into surprising, inspiring dishes. 


Our thinking, recipes and construction plans will be revealed and shared in a publication.


With FUTURE LOCAL, we want to bring people closer to the importance of diverse, regional agriculture and bring joy to conscious, sustainable eating.



how to pop up

Lucia Verlag Weimar


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